Import Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Import Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is a powerful application specifically designed to simplify the data import to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows you to import or update all core entity types, all elements of Product Catalog or any custom entities. With the Import Tool you can:

  • Import data from different sources:
    • SQL Server
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Text files (csv, tsv, etc)
    • Any ODBC data provider
    • Email mailbox using POP3 or IMAP protocol
  • Save import project containing mapping schema, use functions to transform the input data, create custom scripts and much more.
  • Use different import modes: import new records, update existing records, perform both at the same time, delete unwanted records or change record status (for example activate, deactivate, etc.).
  • Import data into custom entities and fields.
  • Run import process from a command line which can be used to automate or schedule the import process.

Import Tool comes in two versions: Data Migration version and Full version. Data Migration version is designed for the initial data imports and will work only for 60 days. This version should help customers to import essential data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, test and make all necessary data updates at the beginning of the implementation process. Full version is ideal for initial and on-going data imports as it has no expiration date. This is the best choice for customers that require regular updates to the data stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example when price lists need to be updated regularly, new products are frequently imported and so on. In addition to that, Import Tool is divided into 7 modules which allow importing or updating different groups of entities. Customers that do not need to import all types of records can choose only a single module or multiple modules that are critical for their business. Furthermore import of custom entities is always included when at least one module is registered.


This product is licensed per organization. This means that you need only one license for one CRM organization and all users within the organization can use the product. If you want to use this product with more than one CRM organization you will need a separate license for each organization.



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