• Activities Mass Update is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows you to close several activities at the same time or change existing status for the previously closed activities.It works with all standard and custom activities.

  • Activities Summary is a complete view of a customer history. It allows you to view completed, cancelled and open activities on one screen.

  • Copy Tool simplifies creation of sales documents in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can create a new sales document by copying specified information from the existing record.

  • Import Tool is very powerful application built to simplify and automate data imports into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows you to import or update all elements of Product Catalog, any core CRM entity and also your own custom entities.

  • Multi Search allows searching multiple entities at once using global or personal search definitions.

  • Organization Structure is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows you to display customer organization as a tree view.

  • With Price List Utilities adding a new price list item, modifying or removing existing one as well as copying price list information from one product to another becomes an easy and quick process. An intuitive wizard guides you through the price list related procedures.